The 2017 truck-based Kia Sorento!

07/31/2016 14:38:08
The 2017 truck-based Kia Sorento!
Do you at least remember the first truck-based Sorento? Here comes the new 2017 model, with a better look and more power!

Do you at least remember the first truck-based Sorento? Well, as we've observed many of us has already forgotten how it was looking or how it was driving, thankfully we've got the new model here, and will remind you how good this vehicle is. For 2017 is was completely redesigned, a true watershed car for Kia. This model is gonna be the first one of the brand built on American soil.



The car is full of refinement, stepping inside it is a real revelation, thanks to a premium cabin. The quality of materials is at the highest level, it comes with a large 8” touchscreen, the interior is all made up of Nappa leather. It might not be the best option for a family but it's a great one for the costumers who love SUV's and trucks. It is really comfortable, that's one of the main reasons to buy it. The panoramic moonroof, makes the vehicle more airy. You can get this car as a two-row, five seater or a three-row seven seater. If you want a car with base four cylinder, you can buy both with two row or three-row seater. But, if you want a turbo V6 engine than you only have one option, two-rows. Base Sorentos get a 2.4 L four rated at 185 hp, and three is an optional 3.3L V-6 good for 290hp. All of new Sorentos share a six speed automatic, but there are many rumors that the company is working on a new transmission for more cogs. All of the cars are front wheel drive, but with available all wheel drive. The base 3.4L can tow 2,000 lbs, the turbo 3,500 lbs and the V-6 with all wheel drive can handle 5,000 lbs.



The turbo Sorento has no problem getting around with more than adequate acceleration and is never under duress. The EPA rates fuel economy for the turbo model is at 19/25 MPG city/highway, which is great for such a large car. The model handles very good considering its size, and provides a premium experience consistently across the board. It will cost around $49,095 and if you consider all of the features it has it's a very fair value.



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